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About Us

The Driving Force

What exactly is Living The Racing Grind all about?

Motor racing by nature is expensive, and as a result it’s difficult for many people to participate in a sport they love. For footballers, cricketers or tennis players, annual subscription fees and match subs don’t consist as a significant expense in their everyday lives, yet a season of motor racing can very easily cost the same as, if not more than the average annual salary.

That’s why we’re here to change that. Huge barriers to entry mean that most people can’t experience the sport they love, whilst the sport itself is also worse off, as hugely talented people won’t realise their potential. Our aim is to make motorsport more accessible to the masses and inspire as many people as possible to get involved.

What To Expect In Our #RacingGrind Blogs:

  • Which racing series to choose
  • What equipment is best
  • Racing fitness & nutrition
  • Racing mistakes to avoid

…and much more!

  • Episode 46
    Even if you can’t race, doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in motorsport. In fact, here’s how you can land the most important role at a race meeting:
  • Episode 45
    In the £30-35,000 price range, there’s a very interesting car-buying dilemma…
  • Episode 44
    If you’re thinking of getting into motor racing, this could be the best commitment-free method of finding out if it’s for you…
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