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The primary objective of Living The Racing Grind is to increase the accessibility of motorsport participation. It always has been and always will be!

There is, however, one *slight* obstacle: how could we possibly teach people about getting their racing careers started without having any sort of in-house experience from which to draw from? As such, the first goal is to forge a motorsport career from within our own ranks. The initial target was for the #RacingGrind racing debut to take place in 2021, but after everything that 2020 threw at the world this schedule has inevitably been pushed back a year.

Despite this, though, there’s still plenty to write about. So far we’ve covered the pros and cons of track days against competition, what to look for when buying your racing kit, and we’ve evaluated a variety of entry-level racing series to look at whether they’re worth the cost. But that’s not all! Click any of the images below to read the #RacingGrind articles to date, and watch this space for more to come!

28. Choosing Your Racing Car: Front-Wheel Drive vs Rear-Wheel Drive
27. What If You Don't Want to Drive in Circles?
26. Racing Drivers - More Than Just Driving
25. Ginetta G40 GRDC - The Perfect Entry To Motorsport?
24. The Ultimate Guide to Racewear
23. The Ultimate Guide To Kartwear
04. Racing Is Just Mental. Literally


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